Committee Information

If you’ve been an SFGBA player for a while, you know that the league’s success depends on getting new players to sign up each season, as well as encouraging new players to return to play after their first season. A lot of us join SFGBA not only as a way to play basketball and stay active, but also for fellowship, to feel like we’re a part of a welcoming group, and to make friends. SFGBA leaders hope to keep the league a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone.
The Recruitment/Social Committee’s goals are:
  • Help recruit new players for each season
  • Help organize social events and parties
  • Work with the Fundraising Committee to bring people to fundraisers
  • Help welcome new players and ensure that the league retains players and grows each season.
The Fundraising Committee’s goals are:
  • Organize and staff players at essential fundraisers in the Castro/Soma area
  • Identify and work with sponsors for the league and SFGBA overall
  • Raise money and help ensure that the league and Sunday open gyms can continue to operate.
If you think SFGBA could be doing a better job at any of these things, then this is your chance to help us change that! Please contact Justin in order to sign up for one of these committees.