(1997 – present) After playing together for several tournaments as the San Francisco Pendulum Pacers, named after the now-defunct Castro bar. The team decided to divide up their team after winning the 1996 Seattle tournament.

Daryle Morgan and Mark Johnson went on to form Above the Pacific Rim (ATPR), while Alex Herrera, Rhea Taylor and Joe Robinson went on to form the San Francisco Rockdogs.

Both the San Francisco Rockdogs and ATPR would become dominant teams on the gay basketball scene, winning national and international tournaments for many years to come.

Rockdogs: 1997-1999
In the Rockdog’s first appearance as a team in 1997, they won the Inaugural Boston Tea Party with players Alex Herrerra, Joe Robinson, Martin Williams, Tony Jasinski, Earl Chisholm, Robert Burgess, Dwight Dunn, and new player Francis Broome.

The Rockdogs took the 1998 gold medal in Gay Games V held in Amsterdam.  Winning over the Long Beach Rebels, this version of the San Francisco Rock Dogs was led by Martin Williams, Rhea Taylor, Francis Broome, Dwight Dunn, and Mark Johnson.

The Rockdogs took first place in the 2000 Golden Gayte Tournament held in San Francisco, defeating ATPR 58-51, with players Rhea, Martin, Francis, Mark Johnson, Alex Herrera and Sean Trapp. Alex Herrera was named MVP of the tournament.

2006: The End and the Beginning
After a loss to their intra-city counterparts, the San Francisco Fusion, at the San Diego tournament in January 2006, the Rockdogs rehauled their roster.

The Rockdogs kept their core of Jay, Chris, DeMarco, Rory, and Alex, infused new blood by adding Jamel, Mikey, Peter, and Clinton, as well as past Rockdog veterans Francis and Courtney.

From there, the Rockdogs went on a great stretch of tournament first place wins between 2006-2008. This new version of the Rockdogs started out by winning their next tournament, held in April 2006 in Sacramento, then wining gold in the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago.  From there they took first place in Salt Lake City, San Diego, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and Chicago, while placing second only once, in Memphis 2007.

Since going 0-4 in the 2006 San Diego Tournament, the Rockdogs have accumulated a 41-1 record, certainly one of the most dominant if not the most dominant runs in Gay Basketball history.

Shirts & Skins Reality Show
After winning the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago, LOGO television approached the Rockdogs to appear in their own reality television show.  The show finally came to fruition in 2008 when LOGO placed Chris Johnson, Peter Hannibal, Jamel Lewis, Demarco Majors, Rory Ray, and Mikey Survillion in a Mission District house, and filmed them in preparation for that year’s Chicago Tournament.  The show was called as SHIRTS & SKINS (official LOGO show website) and featured all twelve Rockdogs as well as SF basketball veterans Alex Herrera (Coach) and Joe Robinson (Manager). The show was very successful, and up to this day, Rockdog players often get approached in bars or clubs by fans of the show.

For more information about the Rockdogs, visit their official site

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